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3rd Knowledge Series on Behavioral Finance - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 25th-Apr-2020

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Alumni Relations Committee is rolling-out its 3rd Knowledge Series on Behavioral Finance by Mr. Vinay Singh Pundir (GM – Marketing at Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd - Also the President of Mumbai Alumni Chapter) on 25 April 2020 at 6 PM.

Behavioural Finance is for investment keen audience, topics covering biases, heuristic, information asymmetry, social noise, how all this impacts self-learning, DIY generation in investment, the larger picture assessment in simple ways. Simple finance of investment to avoid generic mistakes that we do unknowingly. Pricing and Valuations for Practical applications of small investors. 

The key areas of session on Behavioural Finance shall be as follows:

*Mental Accounting and 2 Pocket Theory – objective definition of investment
*Illusion and delusion of investment Decisions 
*Loss Aversion application in day to day decisions
*Heuristics and Biases that influence our decision making process  
*Repeated mistakes in investment 
*Correlation v/s extrapolation v/s cause and effect – for analysis understanding
*Key checkpoints for Stock Selection
*4 Basic elements of stock selection for investments in equity