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Guest Session in Operations Research - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 04th-Mar-2020

A guest session was organized in Operations Research on the topic “Operations Research modeling in the Industry New Trends” at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow on 25thFebruary 2020. The guest speaker for the session was Mr.Manoj Pandey, Director, Advance Analytics and Enterprise Supply Chain at Johnson & Johnson, Washington. It was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Masood H. Siddiqui and Prof. Richa Srivastava. The session started with Prof. Richa Srivastava presenting a green certificate to the guest. Then the guest was introduced to be a business leader. He happens to be an alumnus of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. He was having an experience of over 20 years in Operation Research modeling, supply chain. He is not just a part of Digital Analytics but he has also been a part of prominent organizations like Dell, Microsoft, Infosys, PWC and Amazon. The host for the Guest Session was Ms. Diksha Singh.


He started his session by stating the impact of Data Science in every industry. Further he stated about the facts of Johnson Johnson as 150 years old player and making more products in health segment. Other than that, he also mentioned that the bulk of revenue come from medical and pharma and in last 40-50 years the company purchased many companies like Orthopedics and today they are acquiring Robotic surgery company.


In addition to that he mentioned that the competition is between Supply chains of various companies and that 50% of company (Johnson Johnson) is in the supply chain.

He then talked about building a solution for confidence:

Ø  How to explain it.

Ø  Data used here is fair not biased.

Ø  Data should be accurate.

Ø  Open and building trust through community contribution.


Broadening it he stated that end goal is different and metric is different. Supply chain has 7 rights and 4 components of supply chain

Ø  Plan- which product and how to manufacture

Ø  Make- talks about manufacture and capacity

Ø  Source- states the source or medium

Ø  Deliver- logistics to end customer


And, by keeping all above four us get the 7 rights:

Ø  Right product

Ø  Right condition

Ø  Right place

Ø  Right time

Ø  Right customer

Ø  Right price

Ø  Right quantity

 After that he mentioned a couple of things to have visibility of company:

Ø  Network visibility

Ø  Backorder diagnosis

Ø  On time in full

Ø  Inventory health

Ø  Availabity to promises

Ø  Customer communication

Lastly, he told about Industry 4.O where in lot of innovation is been implemented. He altogether gave a new dimension to the learning of students.