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Guest Session in Business to Business Marketing - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 02nd-Mar-2020

On 10th and 11th February, 2019, guest sessions were conducted at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow on the topic "Communication in B2B” and “Key Accounts Management” under the course Business to Business marketing. This guest session was held under the supervision of Course Faculty, Prof. Vijay Anand. The guest faculty was Prof. Samar Sarabhai, Jaipur Campus, who visited our campus on a faculty exchange programme.

The session on 10th February started with Prof. Vijay Anand welcoming the guest with a Green Certificate. The topic for day 1 was “Communication in B2B”. The session started with Prof. Samar asking the question that how is business to business branding different from business to customer branding. After listening to the correct answers of students Prof. Samar told that the things which differ in B2B branding and B2C branding is: Communication Mix, Content Mix, Basis of Branding and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Later on the guest told that communication in B2B is all about playing with subconscious mind wherein he showed a video of DHL Company which got the Advertisement Winning Strategy Award in 2015. After watching the video student were told by Prof. Samar that in the add color, vision, content, and people played the major role and all these things are very important while forming a communication strategy. The session on Day 1 ended with Prof. Samar talking about Model of Corporate Brand, in which he talked about all these parameters:

1)   Corporate Identity

2)   Starter Choices

3)   Corporate Experience

4)   Brand Image

5)   Corporate Brand

6)   Reputation Dimension

7)   Corporate Reputation

The sessions on the second day (11th Februray) revolved around topic “Key Accounts Management”, wherein Prof. Samar Sarabhai was welcomed once again by Prof. Vijay Anand. The session on Day 2 started with Prof. Samar telling that Business to Business marketing cannot be done without Key Accounts Management.


Day 2 was a complete exercise driven day in which Prof. Samar gave students a practical situation where there were so many questions to ponder which were related to Portfolio managementchannel salesemployee per head sale and analysis of existing, new and prospect customers.

The 2 days faculty exchange programme ended on a positive note with Prof. Vijay Prakash Anand presenting a memento to Prof. Samar Sarabhai as a token of appreciation.