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E- Week Day 2: ‘Corporate Vigilance and Brand it Up’ - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 12th-Feb-2020

Corporate Vigilance and Brand It Up events were held at Jaipuria Institute of Management on 31st January, 2020. These events were a part of E-Week, 2020 which is organized by Centre for Entrepreneurship Committee under the guidance of Prof. Deepak Singh, Faculty Coordinator and Mr. Vipin Tripathi, Student Coordinator and itwas organized and anchored by Mr. Raghav Kakkar and Ms. Ananya Shastri, Junior members Centre for Entrepreneurship Committee.

Corporate Vigilance, as the name suggests means how aware one is about the developing trends in the field of corporate. It helps in adjusting to the changing scenarios in the business and develops watchfulness to avert any danger.


The event included a total of seven teams consisting of four members in each team. One member from each team was asked to pick a chit from the chit bowl. The chit included the scenario to be presented in the Role Play. Each of the scenarios was primarily related to startups and new ventures. A total time of fifteen minutes was given for the preparation of the Role Play wherein the presentation time was three minutes for each team.


Moving ahead, the judges on the panel were faculty members Prof. Preetam Suman and Prof. Deepak Singh who judged the teams on the basis of their Role Play. With this, the event concluded on a very enriching note.


Moving toward 2nd event of the day which was Brand It Up.  It was an individual event where the participants had to guess the name various brands shown on the slide by the organizers. Every participant was given a pen and paper to write down the names of the brands. Each participants were shown 35 slides consisting of brand logos , taglines and events the slide were shown for only 20 seconds as per the rules . A huge participation was seen in the competition. It was an event full of zest.

The activity was fun - filled and it encouraged the aspiring business minds. As the topics were related to various brands, they added knowledge about the event.


“You don’t learn to walk by following rules you learn by doing, and by falling over”.  -Richard Branson