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Mashaal 2020- Sports League – Day 1 - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 12th-Feb-2020

Harder the battle, sweeter the victory. - Les Brown


Mashaal, the annual sports fest of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow was held within the campus premises and also on the sports ground of Seth M.R Jaipuria School on 2nd February, 2020. The sponsors for the event were Acacia, 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi, Kaizen, Talab, Brewmers, Chalte – Firte Café, Hary Café, and The Thickstone Factory. The participants were instilled with cosmic ardor and had a sparkle in their eyes to triumph in the games so organized. They were so passionate about double victory, one for winning the award and the other for making their names glisten. The event was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Kavita Pathak, Director, Dr. Shubhendra Singh Parihar, (Associate Dean, Student Affairs), Dr. Maneesh Yadav, (Faculty Coordinator, Sports Committee) and Mr. Atul Kumar Singh, (Student Coordinator, Sports Committee) Mr. Omesh Srivastava, (Assistant Manager, Student Affairs).


The sports committee comprises of:

Senior members:

Mr. Rajat Sachan, Mr. Siddharth Sharma, Mr. Pranav Sharma and Ms. Shreya Sawarna.


Junior members:

Mr. Aman Jain, Mr. Himanshu Kumar, Mr.Prateek Malhotra, Ms. Kritika Pant, Mr. Abhay Yadav and Ms. Yuvika Singh. The management team was led by Mr. Rajat Sachan.


All the preparation prior to this event took place in full swing and the people were high on energy to prove themselves as a good sport. Full utilization of talent was seen on the day. Desires were converted into reality. They put forward the best of their abilities. Some of the colleges that became a part of this event were IILM, National P.G, Amity University, Integral University, ICCMRT, Lucknow University, Babu Banarsi Das University, Karamat Hussain, Sri Ram swaroop, Shia P.G and many others.


It never gets easier, you just get better.

Look in the mirror that's your competition.


Ms. Harshita Jain and Mr. Raghav Kakar, students, Jaipuria Institue of Management, Luknow with this quote, introduced the inaugural ceremony of the prestigious Annual Sports League “MASHAAL 2020” and welcomed the esteemed Chief Guest for the day Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Banaras Mr. Rakesk Kumar. As the event Mashaal was signified to be one of,

The torch of unity,

The torch of togetherness,

The torch of a future that we hold in front of us,

The fire burning to its core that produces the light of hope and

The warmth of persistence.


Then, Mr. Rakesh Kumar was invited on the stage along with Dr. Kavita Pathak, Director, Dr. R.K. Ojha, Dean AcademicsDr. Shubhendra Singh Parihar, (Associate Dean, Student Affairs), Dr. Maneesh Yadav, (Faculty Sports Coordinator) at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow.

Ms. Harshita further invited Dr. Kavita Pathak, Dr. Maneesh Yadav, Dr. R. K. Ojha and Dr. Shubhendra Singh Parihar to present the honourable guest with a bouquet followed by the lamp lighting ceremony. After that, Dr. Kavita Pathak addressed the esteemed guest and the audience about Mashaal 2020 the Annual Sports League of Jaipuria. She also mentioned about the NACC re-accreditation that the Institute has achieved recently. She stated about the week’s hard-work and planning which came to execution this morning and thanked the faculty coordinator as well as the student coordinators. Dr. Kavita Pathak also mentioned about the benefits of playing sports. She further invited the guest to enlighten the young minds.


Mr. Rakesh stated the benefits of playing and staying healthy. He mentioned about the passion for sports that he has, and that sports should go in everyone’s life. He also mentioned that he had been in a marathon before attending the event and is highly obliged to attend this event. Thereafter, all the dignitaries were invited to light up the MASHAAL to let the game begin. The Chief Guest was honored with a Memento and a shawl.


Igniting the Mashaal, the members of Sports Committee spread the aura of their fest in the entire institute.— 


Events of Day 1, along with the coordinators were as follows.



Various teams participated in cricket and it was coordinated by Mr. Siddharth Sharma, Mr. Pranav Sharma, Mr. Ravi Ranjan and Mr. Sunny Anand. The participants showcased a big match.



There were two teams from different colleges; one was of boys and the other of girls. The boy’s teams were coordinated by Mr. Stuti Sagar and Mr. Shivang Singh and for the girl’s team was coordinated by Ms. Shreya Sawarna. The participants were highly zestful and competent.



The competition was neck to neck and the opponents took full advantage of the opponent team’s weakness. The match was full with strengths showcased by the participants. The match was coordinated by Ms. Shreya Sawarna for girls’ team and Mr. Prateek for boys’ team.



A great sport for fitness, badminton is an excellent sport for people of all ages and provides a great choice for those wanting to give a new racket sport a go. A huge participation was seen there. The coordinator for the same was Mr. Somesh Uniyal and Mr. Piyush.


Indoor games:

Indoor games had a variety of games (Chess, Carrom, Cyber Games) in which chess was coordinated by Mr. Anurag Vashishth, Mr. Vignesh Babu and Mr. Abhishek Bajpai. Carrom was on looked by Mr. Alok Pandey and Mr. Ganesh Nair. Table tennis was managed by Mr. Sumit Singh. The contestants were besieged in healthy competition.



Track Events:

Track events had racing, long jump, discus throw, tug of war and shot-put in store. It was taken care of by Mr. Aman Sharma, Ms. Ananya Singh, Ms. Unnaati Tandon and Mr. Rajat Sachan.





The participants were highly enthusiastic and were waiting for the match to start since morning. The most awaited event of the day, where the strengths of participants and power in their muscle was showcased. The event was coordinated by Mr. Sumit.


The day was full of zest and winning as well as losing but the game must go on so the finalists of the day were looking forward for the final matches with more energy and strength. With this the day came to an end.