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‘Hackathon on Swachhta 2020’ - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 04th-Feb-2020

Jaipuria institute of Management, Lucknow, in association with Nagar Nigam, Lucknow, organized a Design Thinking Workshop named ‘Hackathon on Swachhta 2020’, on 1st February, 2020. The activity was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Reena Agarwal, Program Chair – FS. There were a total number of 10 teams from different colleges which attended the workshop, out of which 3 colleges stood out as the winners and received cash prizes for their achievements.


The event started with the introduction of the workshop by Ms. Vedika Gupta. After that, Prof. Reena Agarwal welcomed the guest, Ms. Gauri Mohan, Global Design Thinking, Innovation and Organization Culture Change Trainer, and presented her with the Green Certificate.


The speaker started the session by explaining the reasons for failures of startups and how design thinking is a human centered creative problem - solving approach. Through the example of “the various uses of a vase”, she also discussed the importance of getting rid of assumption making and explained how important it was to look at something from different perspectives. She further elaborated on the topic by explaining the requirements for a successful business, which are:

·         Focusing on needs of people

·         Focusing on the possibility of technology

·         Evolving a business model and developing it from a customer centric approach.



After that, the students were required first come up with a problem statement and then to develop a prototype in a limited span of time in which they had to provide solutions to the problems stated by Nagar Nigam, Lucknow.


The Second half of the event was hosted by Ms. Aishwarya Jangwan, wherein, she welcomed the guest, Dr Raghvendra Shukla, General Secretary, JankaiyanMaha Samiti, Gomti Nagar. Thereafter, Prof. Shubhendra Parihar, Dean -Student Affairs, presented the guest with the Green Certificate. Further, the students were to present their prototypes in front of the panel. The panel consisted of Prof. Reena Agarwal, Prof. Shubhendra Parihar, Ms. Gauri Mohan and Dr Raghvendra Shukla.

The students were judged on the basis of following parameters:

·         Problem articulation

·         Ideation

·         Prototype

·         Technical feasibility

The students suggested various alternatives which were highly appreciated by the panel.


Thereafter, Prof. Reena Agarwal and Prof. Shubhendra Parihar presented the guests with the Mementos.Lastly, out of the ten colleges, the three groups that stood out the most were awarded with the cash prizes. The colleges who won were as follows:

1.   Goel institute of Higher Studies, Lucknow

2.   Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Development, Lucknow

3.   School of Management Sciences, Lucknow

In the end, Dr. Raghvendra Shukla gave a closing speech, emphasizing the fact that if you want to see the change, you have to be the change, by quoting an example of the USA, where people do not rely merely on their governments to see the change they want in their lives.


The student coordinators for the event were Mr. Akash Pandey, Ms. Aishwarya Jangwan, Mr. Kumar Vaibhav, Ms. Vedika Gupta and Mr. Pranay Saxena, who were led by Ms. Kulsoom Rizvi.