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New Year Celebration - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 14th-Jan-2020




New Year is celebrated grandly all over the world. Everyone celebrates New Year in his/her own style. Everyone bid adieu to the old year and welcomes New Year with passion, so the day is celebrated just like a festival. New Year brings new hope, new dreams, new aim and new challenges to everyone which are welcomed by everyone. All of us celebrate New Year with our family and friends but there are some poor street children who just watch others celebrating New Year. Children reside at roadside celebrate their New Year on road. When the entire world is busy in celebrating New Year, these poor children sleep at the roadside hungry.


On the joyous occasion of New Year 2020, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, celebrated their new year with the children of Slum area with joy. The activity was led by Social Responsibility Committee and was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Reena Agarwal, Faculty Coordinator of SRC.


Mr. Ishnidhi Shrivastava, student Coordinator of Social Responsibility Committee along with his team gathered near Singapore Mall in the morning.


Around 100 children were catered by us. We distributed Samosas and toffees to the children and interacted with them where they showed their talent like singing and reciting poems. We also organized games and other activities in which all children participated with zeal. New Year was celebrated with street children residing near Singapore Mall.


Having a good start of the year with the event was a pleasure to all of us.The event was a success and it sure did instilled a feeling of satisfaction and smiles to everyone faces and encouraged them to be a part of many more such events in the upcoming future.