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Guest Session in “Equity Research” - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 04th-Jan-2020

On 27th December, 2019, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow conducted a guest session under the course title Equity Research for the student of batch 2018-20. The session was organized under the guidance of course instructor Prof. Rashmi Chaudhary and the esteemed guest speaker was Mrs. Neha AgnihotriChief Manager, Regional Channel Head-UP, SBI Mutual Fund, Lucknow. She also happens to be the alumnus of the institute. The guest was warmly welcomed by the students with Prof. Rashmi Chaudhary welcoming and introducing her to the house.


The topic for the session was “Investment in Equity through Mutual Funds”.


The session commenced by asking basic questions regarding mutual funds, debt and equity. This was done to break the ice and know whether the students have any clarity regarding the subject matter. Mrs. Neha Agnihotri started the session with highlighting the benefits of Investing in Equity through Mutual Fund route. She mentioned that with a robust institutional and regulatory framework in place, we expect that equity mutual funds will continue to maintain the position in the coming years and offer the best option for retail investors to participate in Equities.


She further mentioned that the Indian Mutual Fund Industry is continuously transforming and accordingly, close monitoring and evaluation of the equity mutual funds on offer is essential to increase the chances of better performance. Periodic evaluation and rebalancing has long been considered the secret ingredient of better investing. She pointed out the various types of Equity Mutual Funds and schemes.

Continuing with the session, she pointed out some of the tools and techniques for the Quantitative Analysis for Mutual Fund selection.


She emphasized that those students who are interested in developing and shaping their career in the stock market, the derivatives, the mutual fund industry and also who would want to know more about the financial market should go for NCFM and NISM certifications.


While concluding the session, Mrs. Neha Agnihotri appreciated the students. She mentioned that they possess the pre-requisite knowledge and skill which can help them go a long way and thus bring laurels to the Institute.


The session came to a close with a vote of thanks to the guest speaker by Prof. Rashmi Chaudhary.