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Guest session in ‘Marketing Management’ - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 12th-Dec-2019

A guest session at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, was organizedon 9th December, 2019, on the topic ‘Product and Pricing w.r.t Consumer Internet Products’ by Mr. Kunal Chadha, Chief Manager -Digital Products, Airtel Payments Bank ltd., New Delhi, under the guidance of course faculty, Dr. Shalini Nath Tripathi, Dr. Shalini Singh and Dr. M.A. Sanjeev. The speaker was presented with the Green Certificate by Dr. Shalini Nath Tripathi. The guest shared his experience of ten years and proved to be an Alumnus of our college. The host of the evening was Mr. Vishi Batra, who invited the guest to speak on the subject matter and to give insights to the students.


The session was all about how in an e – commerce zone, scaling of the products is done and the manner in which technology and engineering are promoting online selling. As per the golden rule of commerce, the product must match the expectations of the consumer. He gave an instance of the app related to HDFC, wherein, it went non -functional and had to be redesigned. In contrast to e – commerce, the Sales and Distribution approach is applied which involves a lot of manpower. In the case of airtel distributors, category, color, distribution channel, everything is considered. The design of a product or app – related service needs to be strong enough. User story apps could also be developed. Payment options could be of a great variety.


In addition to this, the role of a product manager must relate to idea management, choosing specifications, prioritizing things, delivery of goods, analytics and feedback from customers. The inventory management also forms a crux. With Swiggy, concept of UPI payment was introduced in the market. Focusing on the modes of payments tend to attract customers at large. Pricing strategies should be dynamic in nature. Unique users can be increased by enlarging engagement and providing fastrack with recharge provisions. To have this session concluded, a questionnaire round was done. The audience was very much engrossed in this session and imbibed knowledgeable facts.