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OJAS'19 - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 27th-Nov-2019

‘OJAS- Explore the Vigor Within’ at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow 23rd November, 2019


23rd November, 2019 marks the onset of OJAS, the annual fest of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. The day began in full swing with number of events lined up for the participants which hailed not only from Jaipuria but also from a lot of other colleges.


OJAS was set up under the leadership of Prof. Shubhendra Singh Parihar, Associate Dean, Students Affairs and Mr. Omesh Srivastava, Assistant Manager, Students Excellence Council. The SEC coordinators and the volunteers put their heart out to make the event happening.


Ojas rings in with a two day stretch on 23rd November and 24th November, 2019 where the zest and vigour unleashes. As the name itself means, it brings out the brilliance, lustre and vitality of an individual and it results into their personal growth .This event has a combined involvement of the Senior Coordinators, Junior Members of the Students Excellence Council along with a large number of students contributing to the arrangements to make the event successful and keep up its legacy. 


The event was driven by HyundaiRapido and Royal Enfield. Fashion partner inducts Central, along with Makeover partner - The Makeover Salon. The event's Associate partners are pooled in as PoloMaggiNescafeTandoori ChaiLa GardaniaPrakash kulfiMDRGarden BakeryFirangi DhabaSecret FactorySiyaram CatersTiffiloTrinksterYumlaBhoole Chature, Biryani Hazir Ho, Chalte Firte Cafe, Frozen Junction, Cafe Unplugged, Not Juzt Donuts, Choco Crush and Wafl.


JAM :- Just A minute is a fun filled event that is all about the control of the mind over the mouth where you have to make it through sixty seconds of non-stop talking without hesitation, repetition, stuttering and stammering. The event was conducted by Academics Committee.


NUKKAD NATAK: - Also known as Street Theatre, Nukkand Natak is a form of art play where the actors perform on street in front of the live audience. It was a team event wherein each team consisted of 12-18 members. The topics revolved around social causes like Depression, Save Water, etc. The event was facilitated by Cultural Committee.


EDUCATION TOUR: - Being Social Responsible keeps is something that keeps us ground. Keeping this in mind, this Ojas, we invited underprivileged kids and taught them use basic computer applications. This beautiful event was hosted by Social Responsibility Committee.


LET THE MUSIC SPEAK: - Paint the Silence, Tune On! Let the Music Speak was conducted in two categories- Solo & Group. Further, the event had two dimensions, instrumental and karaoke. Participants were allowed to sing either a single composition or a medley. The performances were highly mesmerizing that left the audience wanted to hear more. Cultural Committee made sure that the event was a big hit.


DOODLING:- Doodling are spontaneous uncensored marks that are made quickly and can take many forms. Here, the participants were given ‘Ojas’ as the topic, to scribble abstract topics and make concrete pattern eventually. The participants had a gala time, where we had Prof. Richa Srivastava on the judge panel. The activity was coordinated by Events and Conferences Committee.


ROLE IT OUT: - Role play is a simulation for real life business situation. The emphasis is on dramatization of the situation by the participants. Moreover, the discussion should be in subtle way to lead to a conclusion or decision. The key to great role play is the use of perfect body language along with natural conversation-based content. Therefore, in order to grow entrepreneurial skills and business sense, the participants were given different business aspects to pitch the sales to their team via enacting it out. The event was conducted by Center of Entrepreneurship and Family Business Committee.


FASHIONISTA: - Fashionista is one of the most awaited events during fest. For the special evening, the stage at Jaipuria was no less than ramp of Paris or Milan, and the models were the sight to behold. Participants put to display their confidence and knack of being ultra-glamorous. The event took place in two rounds, first one being ‘ethnic’ and the other one being ‘mood’. The event was coordinated by Cultural Committee.


THE GREAT INDIAN QUIZ: - Being a true Indian, Ojas gave an opportunity to swear by your knowledge. The participants were given a set of questions where they had choose the correct answers. The event was coordinated by Academics Committee.


METAMORPHOSIS: - As the word suggests, a complete change of form. This is what exactly the students were supposed to do. Here, the students were given an outdated product on the spot which they had to innovate and bring the significant change which adds a value to it. They were also expected to explain the idea behind that innovation. Maximum of two teams could participate from each college of 3 to 5 members each. Each team was allotted 8 minutes to make the product which was followed by 5 minutes. The event was facilitated by Academics Committee.


KRITANJALI (GROUP & SOLO):- A dance competition was organized wherein each institute was allowed to send two maximum solo and group entries. In this competition the students were supposed to perform any traditional dance form. This event brought in great energy among the students. The event was hosted by Cultural Committee.


REBUS PUZZLE: - To jog everyone’s brain and create buzz of confusion and intelligence, an activity was organized wherein word picture puzzles or pictograms were shown to the participants and they were supposed to decipher the phrase. Maximum of 2 participants were allowed from every institute. The activity was coordinated BY Events and Conferences Committee.


MOCKTAIL MAKING: - To make everyone feel refreshed, mocktail making competition was organized. A right amount of brilliance, and tinge of creativity and garnished precision made the team great bond. The participants made a great mocktails and fought tough to make sure the judges like it. The event was coordinated by Centre of Entrepreneurship and Family Business.


DJ RAVETEK:- After an entire day of cut throat competitions, it was time for all the students to rejuvenate themselves with some music , dance and food. The main highlight of the day was the sunburn fame DJ Ravetek who lit up the evening with his EDMs. Everyone danced their heart out and relaxed to their fullest. A perfect mix of English and Hindi songs made everybody showcase their dance talent on the floor.


‘OJAS- Explore the Vigour Within’ at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow 24th  November, 2019


Life is not about the amount of breaths you take; it’s the moments that take your breath away. Putting this forth, OJAS, the biggest of all events started off with an up level of energy and glistening smirks. The audience was seen cheering for the participants in so loud a voice, again on second day of Ojas that was held on 24th November, 2019.


The judge panel was all set to evaluate and bring out the best in every candidate. The zeal was worth noting. Brevity of the students got a thumbs up. The students were all set to begin with the second day of this glorious fest.


Marketing Mania

The teams had to solve a case study of a company facing a problem related to marketing and provide a solution by making the best possible use of the marketing concepts. The participants showed keen interest and came up with the most fitting solution to the problem.


TV quiz

We like big brains and we cannot lie - we know YOUR big brain is full of knowledge about your favourite TV shows!

From FRIENDS and GAME OF THRONES to BREAKING BAD TO CHERNOBYL. Participants played mixture of quizzes with dozens of shows. Remember what Chandler's mom did for a living? Participants had a lot of fun reliving their favourite shows and depicting their fandom.


T-shirt Painting

Wearable Art! Sounds so lofty but what if I tell you,  you can easily do it yourself – through T-shirt painting. A T-shirt is your blank canvas and with some fabric paint, brushes and a plain T-shirt you can go berserk and be the artist. Inspirations are all around you. With this thought, quest to find a perfect design started. The creative energy and experiences in each participant were different which surely converted into more innovative designs.


Mix and Match

Two products were given to a candidate through which they had to create a new product of some value and make presentation of same. The participants came up with the most innovative mix and match and showed colours of their creativity spectrum.


Cook Off

Cooking is a lot like writing. Keep it simple, and you might end up winning hearts. Some participants tried to get too fancy, or to experimental with too many different cuisines. Some attempted a time-intensive dish with too many steps. All and all it was fun to have some cooking around.


Design a Business Plan which could overwhelm the rural market in today's globalized world. Participants had some amazing ideas to start with. It was quite interesting to see different dimension of the ideas which can make a difference.


Simple, clean design - minimalist look, high end products. The participants were to understand why they need a logo then define the brand identity. To find inspiration for their logo, participants used all sort of creativity from paying attention to color to picking up the right typography.


Battle of Bands

Battle of the Bands is a contest in which two or more bands compete for the title of "best band". The winner is determined by a voice vote of the audience or the band who brings the most people to support them. It was fun to watch bands creating an Amazing ambience for the audience. And it was a beautiful escape.


Slow Bike Racing Powered by Royal Enfield.

The slow bike race was tough but to crack. The last rider to cross the finish line wins. Put your foot down, and you’re out. Leave the designated area, and you’re out. It's tournament style elimination, but it was surprisingly fun and competitive.


Prize distribution

Towards the end, Prize distribution ceremony of this institution was hosted. The ceremony was observed to commemorate the achievements of all the participants for their impeccable performance. The event truly showcases the commitment that all the members have shown towards the competitions.  The lucky winners of all competitions were announced with celebration of the victory of our commendable participants. Special appreciation was given to all the finalists to have set a very admiring benchmark for other participants of this institution to imitate.  The ceremony ended with wishing the participants to continue to achieve brilliance in their respective career of interests and in other spheres too.



In these times, the only way to reflect upon ourselves as a society, and as a world together is through comedy - weather it is black humour, dark humour, satire, alternative humour, improvisational comedy, etc. It offers an outsiders perspective of life and our attitude towards everything. Comedy has the ability to saw harshest of truths without creating any animosity in the room. And to do this very beautifully we had Stand-up comedian Rajat Chauhan who performed his incredible set and left us with one amazing evening with nothing but good humour.


Celebrity Night

We spend our life listening to this artist creating music that brings so many emotions to us. Some songs bring back memories; some give us feelings of happiness, of sadness, or of motivation. Overall, this musical creator brings this emotional entertainment to us every day. We dream of being able to see them perform one day. And seeing their favourite artist performing was an exhilarating experience. Students spent several hours jumping around, swaying to the beat and just letting themselves be free. Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow, welcomed the very talented Abhijeet Srivastava at it's most awaited Annual Fest OJAS'19.Just like the Chashni itself, with his sweet voice, we were enthralled to have Abhijeet Srivastava work his charm, oh so flawlessly.


It Ended, Oh so Magnificently.

Students put in their best efforts to make college fests entertaining and exciting. These multiple cultural events, technical fests, celebrity performances, competitions, partying with friends made us nostalgic already. Ojas gave us memories for a life time and played a significant role in shaping us into more refined individuals. Besides that, we developed essential skills from organizing fests – planning, teamwork, leadership, and multi-tasking. Students learned how to balance personal and professional life. We are better equipped to differentiate between doers and dreamers.