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Posted on 25th-Oct-2019

The Decennial Reunion celebrating ten years journey was a unique initiative by the Alumni Committee for bringing the alumni of the college together. The programme started with few games and a photo booth activity, first of all the alumni played passing the pillow game along with the faculties followed by spin the wheel games  which was named as ‘wheel of fortune’ in the game the alumni had to perform different tasks, all alumni beautifully engaged by mimicking or singing as the task demanded. 

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There was a nostalgic `mock classroom session' driven by Dr. Poonam Sharma where she asked the alumni to share their learning for life that they have acquired from Jaipuria. “Presentation skills and time management” turned out to be the common trait that most alumni carry as most enriched learning for their entire life. The effort to take them back in the time did not go in vain and seeing them reviving those days of their lives was a cherry on the cake moment for everyone. 

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The programme started with a brief introduction of Chief Guests for the evening Mr. Pankaj Rana, Batch 2004-06, Mr. Yateesh Wahaal, Batch 2008-10 and Mr. Varun Chaturvedi, Batch 2011-12 followed by the lightening up of the lamp as a vote of thanking almighty.

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Further Mrs. Shweta Sharma gave a beautiful welcoming speech and also expressed the purpose of the meet which was to ‘Celebrate the achievements of all the Alumnis’. The event proceeded with an engrossing video which had the beautiful glimpses of their memorable days reminding them that where their journey actually began. After the video, there were clips wherein Dr. Kavita Pathak, Director JIMN, Dr. Tomar and Dr. Poonam Sharma thanked the alumni for attending the meet and shared the memories close to their heart. After the heart touching video, there was an emotion-evoking speech by Dr. Kavita Pathak, in which ma'am thanked the alumni and asked them to give their support by sharing their domain knowledge with students in different forms like guest session and SIP.

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The Chief Guests were then felicitated by the President, Vice president and Secretary of the Alumni Committee.

There was a discussion forum lead by the Chief Guests on how to strengthen the bonding between the alumni and asked for suggestions on how to increase their contribution towards the college. Some of the suggestions were-

·        Connecting through WatsApp groups.

·        Data at macro level.

·        Being in touch by giving guest lectures.

·        Helping currents students in enhancing their domain knowledge.

·        Alumni can act as a mentor for students opting for their domain.

·        List of alumni in different sectors and domain can be made for ease.

·        The contact number in WatsApp group of JIM Noida should remain same every year instead of the number of the president of alumni committee which changes every year.

·        Coming to college more often.

·        Conduction of alumni meets quarterly.

·        Pre-placement sessions, admission training by different alumni.

·        Lifetime charge to be a member of alumni group by paying Rs.2500.

·        Alumni award for improving the participation.

·        Providing summer participation.

After the discussion there was a speech by Dr. Ritika Gugnani were ma'am shared how she felt that the video made it really nostalgic and acted as a cherry on the cake.

Followed by a presentation given by Mrs. Shweta Sharma, plans that how the college is trying to build a network of Alumni in 2017-18. There was an invitation to the ‘Punar Sangham’ on 10th February 2018.

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All the alumnis shared their experiences and learnings. Dr. Poonam Sharma ended the event with a beautiful vote of thanks. She expressed her gratitude to all the alumni for taking out their precious time and to the director along with the other faculties, students, the co-operate office and most importantly ‘Alumni team’ for their hard work and effort for successful execution of the programme.