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Sammaan Samaaroh Event - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 16th-Mar-2020

On 6th March, 2020, Jaipuria Institute of Management, hosted a Sammaan Samaaroh, to honor and felicitate Padma Shri Dr. Yogesh Praveen, Indian Author and Expert on the history and culture of Avadh, and he has had a colossal contribution towards society. He holds Master degrees in Hindi and Sanskrit, best known as a walking encyclopedia on Awadh. He has authored 20 books on Lucknow, and has his contribution towards films like, ‘Shatranj Ke Khiladi’, ‘Junoon’ and ‘Umrao Jaan’. He is a playwright and his dance ballets are immensely popular.


The Chief Guest for the ceremony, Padma Shri  recipientDr. Mansoor Hasan and Guest of honor, Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah. The SEC President, Ankush Singh invited upon the stage, the organizer of the event Prof. Manisha to address the audience and the eminent guests for the event. The ceremony began with Dr. Kavita Pathak addressing the audience. She said it is indeed a matter of great pride, to honor such an eminent personality since decades. She said he is the reason why Lucknow is said to be the Best Cosmopolitan city on the World map.


Later on, distinguished Professor, Mr. Jayant Krishna had an intriguing conversation on the culture of Awadh with Dr. Yogesh Praveen. He asked for some enriching experiences that made him what he is.

Dr.  Yogesh Praveen said, the city does not care if you are a Hindu or a Muslim, a Shia or Sunni — it wants the beloved “The reason being, people of different regions have always lived here together. The city is a beautiful bouquet which has flowers of many colors and fragrances. And this is why the city embraces everyone and the people to merge with myriad colors of Lucknow. No city has such a character in the world,” he said.


Thereafter Guest of Honor, Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah gave a heartfelt speech expressing his gratitude. He said, Lucknow's beautiful sprawling gardens, polite mannerisms, fine-cuisine, music, and poetry (Shayari), has found a patronage in the Shia Nawabs of the city who loved Persian. The city has been given various other names too, such as The Constantinople of India, Shiraz-I-Hind and the Golden City of the East. Today, it is known as one of the most important cities of the country which is now emerging in various sectors like retailing, manufacturing and commercial.


At the end of the ceremony Chief Guest, Padmshri, Dr. Mansoor Hasan, gave away the award and this brought the wonderful evening to a close and then, Director Kavita Pathak, Dean R.K. Ojha and Prof. Masood Siddiqui presented the esteemed guest, for the evening, with the memento.



International Immersion Programme - UAE 2020 - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 16th-Mar-2020

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow under the aegis of International Relations Committee (IRC) of the Institute, organized an International Immersion Programme to UAE from 21st – 27th Feb, 2020 for the students of Lucknow and its sister campuses. The programme was designed with an aim to help students develop cross cultural empathy and understanding of global scenarios through interaction with experts from industry, academia and the institute’s rich Alumni base in UAE. The programme also proved helpful in enhancing students’ observation, presentation and team-building skills. A total of 25 students from Lucknow and Jaipur participated in the programme. The campus-wise participation figures were - 22 students from Lucknow and 2 from Jaipur. The students were accompanied by three faculty members from Lucknow campus- Prof. Swati G. Shukla, IRC Chairperson – Student and Faculty Exchange, Prof. Ankit Mehrotra, Member, IRC and Prof. Manisha Seth, Chairperson-Alumni Relations Committee and Member, IRC.


The programme was designed to combine learning and leisure in equal measure. The major highlights of the programme included:

1.       Dubai City Tour

2.       An interactive session with the institute’s rich Alumni base in UAE.

3.   Dinner on Dhow cruise with spectacular views of the city skyline and traditional Tambora dance performance.

4.   Visit to Dubai Financial Market to gain insights into trading and doing business in UAE.

5.   An adrenaline-pumping adventure to the desert. Students enjoyed dune bashing and many of them took a camel ride. This was followed by barbeque dinner while enjoying a traditional cultural evening.


6.   Fountain show at Dubai Mall, the world’s second largest mall and laser show at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

7.   Tour of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the world’s most impressive modern Islamic architectural masterpieces that provided students insights into Islamic culture and traditions, shopping at Dates market and adventure at Ferrari World which is home to world’s fastest roller coaster in Abu Dhabi.

8.   Industrial Visit to DUCAB (Dubai Cables), the major cables supplier for Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC). The visit comprised of the industrial tour, interaction with DUCAB Senior Executives and group presentation by the student team that was highly appreciated. The visit helped students learn the similarities and differences of conducting business in the Middle East and India.


9.   Session on Sociocultural and Geopolitical Environment in UAE by Dr. Satish Kumar Sagadevan followed by group presentation by the student team. Participation Certificate provided by the University to all students.


10.               Visit to IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer.

11.               Visit to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world to get an uninterrupted panoramic view of the city’s skyline and shopping at Meena Bazaar, Dubai before departing to the airport with memories of a lifetime.


For collaborative learning, students were divided into three teams of six members each and one team of seven members. The student teams were assigned group projects based on the academic and industrial visits in the immersion program. The project titles of the four student teams are as follows:

·         DUCAB: A Study on Participative Growth

·         Study of Dubai Financial Market

·         IKEA: A Study of their Retail Venture

·         Socio-cultural and Geo-political Environment: India vs UAE


The student teams were asked to be prepare PowerPoint presentations on the assigned project topics by gathering relevant information on their own while in India so that as informed audience they can leverage maximum benefit from their industrial and academic visits in Dubai. In Dubai, while some student teams got lucky enough to get a chance to deliver their presentation in front of the academic and industry experts, at other places, the student teams impressed the hosts by posing intelligent questions during the interactive sessions. For successful completion of the program, the students were to submit both the soft copy of their presentations as well as the final report to Prof. Swati G. Shukla, Chairperson-Student and Faculty Exchange, International Relations Committee, Lucknow. Finally, it was decided that the certificate from Manipal University would be given to only those students who fulfil all the requirements of the International Immersion Program-UAE 2020.



Scribble Day Celebrations - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 12th-Mar-2020

Scribble Day Celebration was organized at Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow on 7th March 2020. The event holds a huge importance as it celebrates the senior batch’s two yearlong memory and experience in the institute. The event was organized by Conference and Events Committee and was coordinated by Mr. Abhishek Dixit, Ms. Tanya Kapoor and team, under the guidance of Prof. Anupam Saxena, Faculty Coordinator.


The scribbling started off in the lawn area of the institute right after the 2nd year students wrote their last exam. Each student wore a white shirt or t-shirt, wherein the markers were provided for all the scribbling. To bring in a lighthearted touch, there was music too. The view was such that everyone was busy penning down with small messages, funny names and expressions on each other’s shirt.


The day brought in a plethora of emotions of setbacks and achievements, laughter and all smiles and every student was immersed in the glory of the memories that they shared with each other.

This marks the close of the post-graduation program of the senior batch and they were set to bid adieu officially.


“Atisarg - 2020” - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 12th-Mar-2020

Atisarg-2020, the day of bidding adieu to the senior batch 2018-20 took place at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow on 7th March 2020 roping in full exuberance. The theme of the event was OSCARS and Dhol was set up for a wonderful entrance.


The day was organized under the guidance of Dr. Kavita Pathak, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, Dr. Shubhendra Singh Parihar, Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Mr. Omesh Srivastava, Assistant Manager, Student Affairs. The committees which provided assistance were Cultural committee headed by Mr. Aditya Srivastava, Discipline committee lead by Mr. Stuti Sagar Panda, Events and Conferences with the head as Mr. Abhishek Dixit and Media Relations committee lead by Mr. Rahul Choudhury. The hosts of the evening were Ms. Akanksha Verma, Ms. Akanksha Singh, Ms. Apoorva Sharma, Mr. Abhay Yadav, Mr. Abhishek Dixit, Mr. Aditya Srivastava and Ms. Priyanka Tripathi. The event began with a speech from Dr. Kavita Pathak manifesting that the memories students create in their college lives are bittersweet in nature and how everyone has made the institute super proud.



Following this, a singing performance was held which definitely took away the breaths of the audience as it was heartfelt and dedicated to the seniors who we look up to in every aspect.


ramp walk was organized in which the seniors had to compete for the title of Ms. Jaipuria and Mr. Jaipuria. Every participant flaunted a great show.


After which, the newly formed Students Excellence Council was felicitated and given badges along with the oath taking ceremony.


The existing coordinators were provided a letter of appreciation and token of love by the faculty coordinators. Newly appointed coordinators were called up to appreciate the level of perseverance their existing coordinators have always put in and present them with trophies. 


Titles were imparted to the senior batch for the big day. The best action male was awarded to Mr. Atul Kumar Singh and female was awarded to Ms. Unnati Tandon. The award related to Comic role male was given to Mr. Rajat Sachan and female was given to Ms. Shivangi Agnihotri. In the dancing male category, the award was bagged by Mr. Sagar Jateily and in the female category Ms. Prachi Priya bagged the award. The best vocalist was given to Mr. Vijay Chandran. The best musician award was presented to Mr. Aishwarya Singh. The best dressed male was received by Mr. Shivam Singh and best dressed female was received by Ms. Arpita Rai. The best content writer was given to Ms. Parul Jaiswal. The most supporting male was awarded to Mr. Aman Sharma and the most supporting female was given to Ms. Shivangi Agnhotri. The spokesperson award got into the hands of Ms. Aditi Chauhan.


The results of the quiz related to budget 2020 were proclaimed by Prof. R.K. Ojha and the certificates were granted to the winners. There was a prize distribution for the unsung heroes who have got full right to get themselves recognized on so big a platform.


dance performance was next to depict the trail of college life. It really did cheer the spectators and reminiscence was to be felt all around.


The last round of Ms. Jaipuria and Mr. Jaipuria gave way to the declaration of winners by Prof. Pallavi Srivastava as Ms. Aditi Chauhan and Mr. Ankush Singh respectively. Mr. Ankush Singh recited a ravishing shayari and the claps coming from the way of the audience just could not hold back. Another musical performance took place.


Dr. Shubhendra Singh Parihar wished the senior batch a very good luck for all the future endeavors. A Students Excellence Council video clip was played in the auditorium tickling the funny bones. The cake cutting ceremony took place in the lawn area. The new coordinators of the Students Excellence Council formed a flashmob to invite the seniors for grooving to high tunes of music and get soaked in the feeling of joy and merriment. A delectable dinner was binged on lately following which DJ was enjoyed by the people. Every single person was overjoyed. With this, I wish you a great life ahead and may you all be truly blessed.


“Insync- 2020” - JIM Lucknow

Posted on 04th-Mar-2020

Insync, the cultural Face-off between the senior and junior batch was organized at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow on 26th February, 2020 by the cultural committee under the leadership of and Ms. Navyashree and Mr. Adtiya Srivastava, senior and junior Cultural Committee Student Coordinators respectively and the guidance of Prof. Shubhendra Singh Parihar, Associate Dean, Student Affairs, Prof. Pallavi Srivastava, Chairperson- Cultural Committee and Mr. Omesh Srivastava, Assistant Manager, Student Affairs. The event received a whole-hearted and enthusiastic participation from all.


The hosts of the evening were Ms. Shivangi Agnihotri, Mr. Sagar Jaitely and Ms. Priyanka Tripathi who were absolutely ten on ten in getting the spectators engaged. The event commenced with the solo singing performances of the contestants which enchanted everyone present.. After this, Dr. Kavita Pathak, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow emphasized that every event was possible only because of the integrated efforts of both the batches. She demanded to keep the cheers rolling. A big round of applause was also given to the old and newly formed Student Excellence Council. An announcement was made regarding our college which has become a tier two graded anatomy by AICTE.


Next were the duo performances of singing by the participants. The soulful voices took away everybody’s breath. The classical dance performances followed where the contestants danced their hearts out and took everyone by a surprise. Their expression and moves were on point. Adding to the level of the excitement, western dance on peppy songs took place which set the stage on fire and got the audience grooving.


To present us with a surprise, Mr. Ankush Singh and Mr. Vijay Chandran gave a musical show. Ms. Navyashree bid goodbye as it was her signing off event. She thanked her committee, juniors and seniors for their assistance. The cultural committee was called on stage and the moment was so exhilarating that words can never expound. After this, Ms. Navyashree was requested to exhibit her knack for dancing where she later roped in the members of her committee. It was electrifying and a loud thunder of claps came from the way of the onlookers.


The final faceoff took place wherein top two people made through the grueling competition. The participants tried to outclass the other. The ambience got magical and power-packed performances were witnessed. The group dance of the present student excellence council coordinators demonstrated to be the cherry on the cake.


They had a smile hung on the corner of their mouth and it felt great to see them come together andglisten bright like the stars they are.

The winners for the Insync 2020 are as follows:

Singing (karaoke):

1)   AkshayTripathi - 1st prize (Batch 2019-21)

2)   Nondini Banerjee- 2nd prize (Batch 2029-21)


Singing (instrumental face off)

1)   Vijay Chandran (Batch 2018-20)

2)   Aishwarya Singh (Batch 2018-20) 


Dance (Western face off)

1)   Saurav Vijay (Batch 2019-21)


Dance (Semi classical face off)

1)   Apoorva Sharma (Batch 2019-21)


The junior’s batch 2019-21 exhibited a great victory against the seniors batch 2018-20.