Bandhan –Virtual Reunion of Batch 2014-16 & 2015-17 – JIM Lucknow

On 26th June, 2021, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow organized “Bandhan – Reunion of Batch 2014-16 and 2015-17”. It was arranged by Alumni Relations Committee of the institute under the guidance of Prof. Manisha Seth – Chair, Alumni Relations Committee, Mr. Nitin Mohan – Assistant Manager – Alumni Relations Committee and Mr. Gaurav Agarwal – Student Coordinator – Alumni Relations Committee. The event was embellished by the presence of Dr. Kavita Pathak – Director – Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, Prof. R.K. Ojha – Dean Academics along with all other faculties.

The hosts for the event were Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, Mr. Abhishek Srivastava and Mr. Jatan Kumar. The event began with a warm welcome speech by Mr. Abhishek Srivastava. To make alumni nostalgic and make them relive the times they spend with their professors and batchmates a video montage was made.

Further, to share the bunch of memories Mr. Ravil Thakur took over the dice and appreciate the team for their efforts in bringing back the memory down the line. He shared various fun incidents which he had experienced during his course of time. Another, alumni Mr. Ali Taabish Nomani also shared his funny experiences which brings a sentimental note to every attendee.

Next, Ms. Sagarika Bharadwaj was invited to share her cooperate experience. She offered the students to be their mentor for the cooperate journey which they will further going to experience. The tip she gave to students is to change with the time as businesses are working in dynamic environment and another tip which she gave is to enhance the communication skills wherein just to work in articulation of thoughts rather than the language.   

The event further carried forwarded with another memory video of batch 2015-17 which makes everyone nostalgic. To share the cooperate journey with everyone Ms. Shevane Prakash was invited, and she also gave a tip to the students who are about to enter their cooperate life. She told the students to work on their MS- Excel skills as it is in vogue nowadays regardless of any domain job. Further, another alumnus Mr. Nayan Jyoti Mozumder thanks all the faculty member of Jaipuria who teaches him and helped him to become what he is today. He also thanked Jaipuria Institute of Management for providing good exposure with lots of learning experience. Further, the sharing of experiencing and journey continued with various alumni of the institute.

At the end, Prof. Manisha Seth concluded the session by thanking everyone for joining and making the event another memorable moment.

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