Annual General Meeting – East Zone Alumni Chapter – JIM Lucknow

The Annual General Meeting was organized by East Zone Alumni Chapter via zoom application on 12th September, 2020. It was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Manisha Seth – Chairperson ARC, Mr. Nitin Mohan – Assistant Manager ARC and Mr. Samarth Sanal, Student Coordinator. Mr. Subhayu Chowdhury, alumni of Jaipuria Institute of Management (batch 2015-2017) was the host for the day.

Mr. Subhayu Chowdhury commenced the meeting by giving a brief introduction of East Zone Chapter of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Alumni Association. Thereafter, Mr. Amit Kumar Jena, former President of East Zone Alumni Chapter addressed the attendees. He displayed the journey of East Zone Chapter (earlier known as Kolkata Chapter) through various pictures of the meetings held by them in different states. He talked about the motives behind creation of this Chapter, its achievements so far as well as the future plans of the same. He also mentioned about the former core committee members and then introduced the new members of this Chapter.

On the request of Mr. Amit Kumar Jena, several suggestions were given and discussed upon by all the committee members for betterment of the East Zone Chapter.

Next, Mr. Arijit Ghosh, new President of East Zone Alumni Chapter was asked to address the attendees. He began with congratulating Mr. Jena for his great work and lighting of path for the new committee members to follow in order to maintain mutually beneficial relationships. He believes that the online platform will provide them with opportunities to connect more often with the members of this Chapter.  He also assured that this new committee under his guidance will definitely follow up on all the suggestions given so far. Lastly, he thanked everyone for appointing him as the new President of this Chapter.

Moving ahead, faculty members were also asked to address. Dr. Sushma VishaniDr. Masood Siddiqui and Dr. Shalini Nath Tripathi congratulated the previous committee members for their contribution and gave best wishes to the new committee for their upcoming endeavors. 

Prof. Manisha Seth took forward the session. First of all, she conveyed the best wishes to the East Zone Alumni Committee on behalf of Dr. Kavita Pathak, Director, Jaipuria Institute of management, Lucknow who could not join them in the meeting. She then presented a snapshot of what all the initiatives that they have taken to engage and communicate with the Alumni in institutional events and activities. 

The session was concluded by Mr. Subhayu Chowdhury by giving Vote of Thanks to all committee members, faculties and other attendees for their valuable time and encouragement.

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